Danish Betting Procedures That Required “Physiological Appearance”

Online gambling law and regulation seems to be always under way casino singapore online. A solid voting winner in some quarters, compared with the substantial income of casinos and sports betting operators provide to government boxes, means frequently simultaneous push-and-pull pressures, which lead to regulations that may, and do, move from one extreme to the other.

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Mature gambling market

This is evident in the UK market, which in recent years has become a model for a mature gaming sector. However, with certain media components increasing the discourse on the provision of gambling victory996 casino, sponsorship, or even claimed threats to players, a more limited approach is evident.

Today, regulators in the Netherlands have the responsibility to present suggestions that limit gaming companies’ liberties. The ideas that would require the gambling venue to retain an active presence in the North to be able to operate in the framework of discussions on forming a new government coalition following elections earlier this year are underway.

There are initially doubts over EU laws that would restrict the implementation of this sort of strategy. But given the scanty information now available, the policy concept is relatively limited. The suggestions are based on a brief but pointed reference to the results of the discussions between the four parties that were set to make up the future Netherlands Government in the coalition agreements papers, produced. The single line on gambling relates to the necessity in future for operators to retain ‘some type’ of physical presence in the Netherlands, which can in fact imply a range of things. 

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Operators might different criteria

While it is not expected that licences would be limited exclusively to Dutch operators, the Remote Gambling Bill will restart its passage on Statute Books and there is still the prospect of a changing scenario. The CDA, which first expressed worries over the Gambling Bill and which owns the country’s second-largest share of the Senate, was attempted to placate voices.

The way in which such measures can, if any, be brought into legislation is still to be seen. The European component must of course be taken into account. When Poland tried similar restrictions on domestic gaming operators, the European Commission had already slapped off Poland, and it appears doubtful that, for obvious competitive reasons, the EC will give the Netherlands a free pass on the same matter.

Under flow

The status in the Netherlands is currently under flow and online game legislation in a form of limbo/gray region is maintained in the country. The most hopeful is that the Netherlands will be in a position to issue online gambling licences during the second half of next year and there is no evidence at this point of time of the form or shape of licencing and related legislation.

This will of course continue to be a nuisance for Dutch operators and others in the Netherlands. With several dimensions yet to be played and the constant possibility of a shift back to far more restricted restrictions, this is just another problem for gambling operators to take a hard look if they want to prepare for the future efficiently.


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